Something a little fun and different today… Today is CAT THURSDAY over at the True Book Addict’s site.. and she says every second Thursday she’ll feature Authors and their without further ado..
Future AUTHOR!! ME!!!

Now THAT’S really LOL, right?!
But there I am reading one of my fave authors, Georgette Heyer.
Pictured is Sweetie, our cutie pie we adopted in May. She has quickly attached herself to me. She sees me sitting anywhere and she rockets right to me because she knows she’ll get some loving (and safe haven from four year olds!).

If you want to see more cat pictures from today’s link-up, visit the True Book Addict!



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6 responses to “CAT THURSDAY!

  1. Hmm. Wonder how we could get me a feature. Think cats would make my Orange S on a Red Background look good? Since, we all know, I really AM an Orange S on a Red Background…

  2. Oh – love that picture! And thank you so much for sharing those bits about Sweetie – what a perfect name!! And again: Thank you – for visiting and leaving a comment at my blog.P.S. I love Georgette Heyer, too! :")

  3. Great picture! I love it!

  4. Yay…you did Cat Thursday! Great pic. Love that we have a black kitty in common. Sweetie is just that, quite a sweetie little cutie pie. =O)

  5. Kat

    She's adorable. You make a great pair. I think cat's like readers because we sit still long enough for them to get settled, too.

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