BBAW Interview Day!

Today at BBAW we are interviewing bloggers who are new to us. Unfortunately.. my partner has been in the hospital due to a car wreck!! Interviews are the last thing on her mind, and I wish her her Godspeed and good health, and a swift recovery!

I still want to join in the fun.. so I am interviewing YOU!

Please tell me.. who you are, where you blog, how long you blog and what is one totally awesome fact about yourself? What are you so super duper double proud of that you want everyone to know?? C’mon, get out your bragging skills and let’s hear ’em!



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10 responses to “BBAW Interview Day!

  1. Hello Marie! It's not too late to join the fun, you see? I'm in the BBAW event and I've interviewed Trisha @eclectic/eccentric on my blog today. My answers to her questions will be on her blog, too. Anyway, I'd love to answer your questions. May I?I'm Maria Grazia from Italy, I blog at Fly High ( and My Jane Austen Book Club ( , I've been blogging for a couple of years now. An awesome fact about myself? My life has become livelier and more gratifying since I started blogging : I've read much more, watched much more, travelled much more, lived much more actively. I met some knew awesome friends both in my real life and in the blogging community ! I've nothing to brag about: I'm just a very lucky woman. Ciao, Marie! Grazie 🙂

  2. OH no. Hope your interview partner is okay!

  3. I hope your interview partner gets better soon.I'm Serena and blog at Savvy Verse & Wit as you know, and I'm working on year 5 of the blog…what am I most proud of…hmm, not sure, that's a tough one. Maybe introducing others to some great poets.

  4. I hope she is going to be okay!You know who I am. =O) Just wanted to stop by and say hi and happy BBAW!

  5. I'm Debbie and I blog at Exurbanis My husband & I moved from city living to the country 8 years ago so my blog is mixed…country experiences and BOOKS.One totally awesome fact: I parachuted some 20 years ago ( to overcome a fear of heights – it didn't work).What I'm most proud of: hmmm…that's harder.

  6. I'm Lisa from Lisa's Loves Books Of Course ( I started blogging about 18 months ago. It was more an exercise to keep my reviews in one place rather than on dozens of sites on the net. I had semi-retired about 4 years earlier and was reading non-stop. I'd always read and often had two or three books going at any time. One in every vehicle I drove, one at work and one at home. I found myself buying books that sounded awesome, reading them half way through and realizing that I'd already read them. Awug! So thought putting them in one place, my blog, would solve this problem. Unfortunately, I enjoyed reading others blogs looking for that next great series so much, that though I was still reading a lot, I wasn't getting my reviews written on a timely basis.This is something I constantly struggle with. I love to read Paranormals, historicals, some sci-fi, suspense, thrillers,YA's, and about anything that has some romance in it. The most awesome thing I've done–raised three great kids who have gotten college educations, much of it with scholarships, to be productive and awesome adults. With one granddaughter, we are starting the next generation on this quest for education with a bang. Can't wait for the next 10 to 15 years as they are going to be freaking awesome.

  7. I am sorry to hear about your interview partner. Speedy recovery wishes are sent out to her.One fun fact about my family is that my mother and brother live in Alaska and another brother lives in Florida. Talk about far from each other. My youngest brother lives in Washington State. I live in MI.

  8. Oh no, I hope your interview partner is ok! That's scary.I'm Erin, and I blog at Erin Reads. I've been doing so solidly for about a year, though my blog existed in a rather dormant state for a while before that. BBAW is one of my favorite times of year, since it's when I got so into blogging last year! I read mostly fiction: contemporary, literary, historical, YA, and classics. I enjoy the occasional memoir too, and I LOVE audiobooks! I live in Pennsylvania with my husband. It's nice to "meet" you!

  9. Sorry to hear about your interview partner. Do wish her a speedy recovery.I have been following your blog, but not always commenting for a little while now.I am Carol from DizzyC's Little Book Blog.I started my blog to keep a record of my reading and to join the fantastic book blogging community.This is my first year taking part in BBAW as last year I was a newbie blogger.carol

  10. Hope she gets better soon! That's pretty scary!You know me and my blog but for form's sake (and for the fun of it):I'm Robin from The Lady Gwyn's Kingdom. I've been blogging there for about two years (I think) though my frequency of posts has dropped off due to the new baby!Something awesome? Umm…I'm a full time stay at home mommy and I haven't harmed anyone in the house (yet!). Lol!

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