The Irish Healer: A Novel by Nancy Herriman

Loved this story of love, redemption and truth.

The Irish Healer: A Novel by Nancy Herriman
Worthy Publishing, April 2012
320 pages Paperback 9781936034789
Review copy provided by the publisher via HNR, thank you!
Review originally posted in Historical Novels Review Magazine, May 2012
Burton Book Review Rating:4 Stars

An inspiring yet predictable story of love blooming between different social classes, The Irish Healer depicts the story of Rachel Dunne, accused murderer. Forced to flee Ireland, she finds work at the home of Dr. Edmunds in London. Dr. Edmunds is battling his own personal demons but falls in love with Rachel from the start. Rachel is an accomplished healer, and would be a perfect fit as Dr. Edmunds assistant if she allowed herself to work in the trade again. With shame on her sleeve, the doctor knows there must be more to Rachel’s story but she refuses to share the real reason why she left Ireland. However, the cholera epidemic of the 1800’s derails both the doctor’s and Rachel’s stubbornness and forces the two to work together.

The servants in Dr. Edmunds’ employ created atmospheric appeal, particularly with the depiction of the amiable house boy Joe’s dialect. From a loyal housekeeper to a pompous sister-in-law, the supporting characters and scenery of England enrich the sometimes stagnant love story along with themes of prejudice, redemption and faith, both in oneself and God. The Irish Healer is an encouraging debut and should be enjoyed by most readers of Christian historical fiction.



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2 responses to “The Irish Healer: A Novel by Nancy Herriman

  1. This book is new to me. I couldn't help noticing that you used the expression "stagnant love story" and I know exactly what you mean. I have read a few Christian novels where the love story starts just fine but then sizzles down to nothing, which I find somewhat frustrating. I think it's very possible to be Christian and passionate at the same time! Or maybe it's just my Italian roots…

  2. I love the sound of this one!! Of course anything Irish grabs my attention…

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