Saturday Snapshot

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Card for Miss Cassie
Yesterday was my youngster’s last day of daycare. These endings that symbolize new beginnings can be bittersweet, especially when a caregiver like Miss Cassie truly cared for my boy..
I found THE PERFECT card on the FIRST try for her.. which told her about what a blessing she is
and told her Thank You for sharing her gifts with my son.
And so she wouldn’t have his face fade over time, a picture to go with the card, and of course an informal toast with a Starbucks gift card.
How tough it must be to be a teacher, and to have to say goodbye each year, but there is hope that they will see the children in the halls the next year.
With a daycare provider like Miss Cassie, Oliver is growing up and moving on, after she took care of him for almost four years.. What sadness it must be to let go. It was very difficult to say goodbye.
She couldn’t even open the card while we there, because she was already having a tough time holding it together (me, too).
Much Love to Miss Cassie.



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17 responses to “Saturday Snapshot

  1. Gorgeous card! Your story brought up memories of my second son's "preschool graduation," in which they wore little red caps and gowns.I'm going to search for that photo!Thanks for sharing…and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  2. Milestones in our children's lives…how precious! Thank goodness for the wonderful teachers that cross our children's paths and help them to become well-adjusted kids.

  3. What a beautiful tribute! And I'm impressed you found the perfect card…usually I have to hunt and hunt!

  4. How sweet! Moments like that are so bittersweet. Miss Cassie sounds like a real treasure!

  5. What a great experience for both I am sure — beautiful card.

  6. I'm sure Miss Cassie will treasure that card!

  7. What a wonderful card and adorable photo! I'm sure she will treasure it forever. Teachers and caregivers don't always get the appreciation they deserve. It's such a blessing when we have people we can truly trust with our children. Their impact will last a lifetime.Congrats on the next stage of your life too! It is bittersweet to move on. With three sons I'm ready but also sad when we pass into a new stage. Time moves too fast!

  8. That is such a nice post – I am sure Miss Cassie will be very touched to know how much she is valued and appreciated. Here's my aturday Snapshots

  9. What a nice post … you are so fortunate to have found and kept a treasure like Miss Cassie … so many family's struggle to find good child care for their sweet ones … Oliver is a lucky little boy and I bet he will hold good memories for a long time!

  10. You and your son were blessed to have a caregiver like Miss Cassie!

  11. A beautiful card and photo–very nice to have someone special to take care of your son!Here's my Snapshot.

  12. What a wonderful tribute, it's sometimes hard to leave a safe and comfortable, and loving caregiver.

  13. How lucky you were to have found such a good caretaker for your son for all of those years! Very sweet post!

  14. What a comfort it is to know our children are well taken care of. It was very nice of you to give her a card expressing your gratitude!

  15. Knowing many passionate teachers, I'm sure Miss Cassie is going to miss your son and is probably grateful for having met him and you. They're as touched by their students as the students them. I love it when these meaningful, blessed connections occurs — so glad you're honoring and recognizing it too — those moments can be so rare!

  16. A Starbucks giftcard?Dang — maybe I should go into the Daycare business!

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