Saturday Snapshot

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At the old house, we had planted Moonflowers, and they pretty much took over the garden and even had a vine that was growing through a crack in the concrete. My husband destested them because of their invasive nature, I loved them for the majestic flowers.

At the new house, we can’t get anything to grow especially because of the wicked drought last year and the soil is much more harder clay over here.

Mother gave me some moonflower seeds (I hid them from my husband) and then I planted them in a big pot on the front porch to see how they would do. They are doing well.

Here it is a few months ago, as it started to grow.

Angel trumpet, aka Moon Flower


I can’t wait to see it when the flowers begin to bloom, which are at night as it reaches for the moon. Can you see where the flowers are on this photo?

Taking over the porch column!

Now I just need to keep the grasshoppers away!



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28 responses to “Saturday Snapshot

  1. Lovely moonflower plants! Even without the blooms, they are lovely.Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Thanks Laurel! These are always my favorite plants, they are so strong and hardy for Texas also. Looking forward to trying them out in the garden next year.

  3. The moon flower is thriving! It's beautiful even before it blooms.

  4. Joy

    Pretty! I deal with clay soil, too. After five years of adding compost every year, my veggie garden finally has decent soil. Joy's Book Blog

  5. It looks like that plant is happy in that pot! What has your husband had to say about it?

  6. Actually, since we have way too much Poison Ivy here, he says he gets itchy just looking at it. Every time we go out front he states he wants to cut it down.(Gasp!)

  7. I love climbing vines. I bet it will be beautiful when all the flowers are in bloom!

  8. well, I hope you get shots of the flowers when they bloom one evening, I don' know that I've ever seen one… I think the vine is beautiful though, enjoy your flowers! Book Savvy Babe

  9. I've never planted moonflowers but I'll remember to put them in a pot if I do.

  10. Would love to see monnflowers in bloom! Your vines are doing so well in the porch container! Must make the new house feel more like home!

  11. I've never heard of moonflowers, but think it's pretty neat that they bloom at night.

  12. I've tried growing moonflowers here in the Chicago area (where they would be annual and therefore less invasive) but I've had no luck. One packet of morning glory seeds a few years back has provided my mailbox vine for successive generations of seeds, and I'm always having to weed out rogues!Your vines look so vigorous – I wish I had THAT seed variety. You don't happen to know its name, do you?

  13. That's a beautiful plant and flower! Would love to see them in bloom. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. I love your pictures, but what are moonflowers? Do they have another name?

  15. They could be called Angel trumpets, or Evening Glory

  16. Jane, here it is on Amazon! me want to buy the Morning glory seeds for an interesting complement)

  17. Looks like it's doing well. There's a plant we have here called Angel's Trumpet but it's a shrub, not a vine.

  18. Thanks! I'm thinking of planting them right alongside my morning glories…how fast do they grow? Winter comes so fast around here.

  19. A fellow writer I know told us recently about watching her moonflowers open in the evening. I didn't know they were invasive. A pot is a great idea for them.

  20. I am pretty sure these are three seeds (but could be two) and they were planted about 8 weeks ago. I watered daily, and then about 3 weeks ago started putting a bit of fertilizer in with the water about once a week. The flowers just formed recently.

  21. Very pretty!!! It has been dry here lately so the only thing holding on is the weeds…

  22. This is a beautiful plant. I've heard of them but your photos are the first time I see what they look like. Have you seen them bloom at night?

  23. I've never heard of moonflowers. Trumpet vines take over our yard. Great, sleek leaves on this plant. Here's Mine

  24. Good post♫ Fascinating plant I hope to try too♪

  25. I love the photo of the bud about to open. I hope to try these next year. Here's my photo:

  26. That is so cool! I am thinking about getting flowers that bloom at night as well. Even without the blooms they look very nice.

  27. I can see why you like them. They look more robust than what we refer to as moonflowers in Australia.

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