It’s Mailbox Monday! What are you reading?

What are you Reading?
This meme is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey where we keep track of what we are currently reading and plan to read.

Mailbox Monday is a meme originally from Marcia’s Mailbox and is being hosted in September at  Book N Around.

Hey bloggy folks! It’s been a little while since I have had a chance to breathe and sit down and compose a thoughtful post, so bear with me as I squeeze it all in here! Instead of doing a Sunday Salon and a Monday Bookish post I am smushing it all in here. Things have been topsy turvy in real life and I am ready to settle into some sort of symbiotic existence, but God has other plans for me I suppose. Egads. And yes, I am posting this post a tad early because there is a Guest Post and Giveaway upcoming tomorrow for Karleen Koen’s Before Versailles, which was a fabulous novel now being released in paperback.

In public service announcement land.. I wanted to mention that those bloggers on blogspot platform that use Captcha, I cannot get it to work on my IE browser. I enter the letters over and over and over and it doesn’t work. PLEASE consider removing captcha! I understand your need to keep spam out, but I’ve had captcha removed on my blogspot blog for a very long time and I receive minimal comments that I would go and delete. It is a much better trade off: NOT annoy my followers (especially those with an astigmatism like myself) and I go and delete the spam comments that I may receive once a month or so. And the other thing is, there is something weird going on with the captcha that is making it not work properly and you are losing comments (from me!) Here is how to remove it!

In book world, I still have that review noose about my neck, and I am still not getting far into that TBR pile as I had hoped. Wasn’t summer just the pits?! So much hope.. so much lost..๏ปฟ

by Philippa Gregory
The Cousin’s War #4

In my Mailbox, I received The Kingmaker’s Daughter by Philippa Gregory! I am looking forward to more Wars of the Roses fiction, and Gregory loves to stir it up. Folks love to bash her, but I just like to read her because of her entertaining and quick reads on a subject that I absolutely love. AND whenever I get around to reading and reviewing it, there will be a giveaway for you followers also! Stay tuned!
Sourcebooks reissues
I also received some great Georgette Heyer’s this week to add to my ever growing collection (& TBR Pile!!).. I have at least 35 of her titles now, and many of the vintage and the new ones, and I only need about eight more of the fiction titles that would be available from the vintage presses or Sourcebooks. There were some of her early works that Heyer herself suppressed.. or “buried” that she wasn’t fond of, so those we won’t be able to find anyway.
Added this week to my Heyer collection are the Sourcebooks reissues of: 
The Unknown Ajax

Charity Girl
I only got halfway through the Wolf Hall read along as once prepping for the kids’ school started I lost my focus on books and fell behind in my review schedule. The kids are both enjoying school so that’s a plus. Kindergarten doesn’t seem as fun as daycare was, but I think once he gets used to the routine he’ll be good. But, as far as Wolf Hall goes.. I’m not sure when I’ll get back to it. It was getting kind of tedious for me, and this is one you really have to be in the mood for. And since it’s not a for-review read, it has to go to the back burner.
By Elizabeth Chadwick
Recently, I posted a review and giveaway (Congrats to our winner Audra!!) for A Place Beyond Courage and if you love medieval historical fiction or want to start reading it I would definitely recommend Elizabeth Chadwick’s work. She is a star in the genre. 
By Stephanie Grace Whitson
I then reviewed A Shadow on the Quilt by Stephanie Grace Whitson, which is an inspirational historical romance featuring a strong heroine dealing with the conflicts created from the death of a husband who betrayed her. There were several plot points to this one, and I enjoyed the journey. This was my second from the author in her Quilt Chronicles series, and won’t be my last! You can read these as stand alones, as they feature different characters, so jump in any time!
by Regina Jennings
Next up was another historical romance, a review for Sixy Acres and a Bride by Regina Jennings. I had read this months ago, but had to hold my review until it posted in the Historical Novel Society August mailing. This was a very entertaining novel with an intriguing main premise and setting. I loved the cover of this one, and the main protogonists were awesome. If you know the Bible story of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz you will see strong similarities with a Texan spin!

by Jody Hedlund
Giveaway coming 9/20!
I just finished reading Jody Hedlund’s Unending Devotion, and if you enjoy drama, love and murderous villains, this is the story for you!! My review will post next week, and be sure to be on the lookout for a guest post from the author which will also host a giveaway for a signed copy of the book! You really need to put this one on your wishlist, this was a fast paced read for me which I truly devoured!
by Sarah Sundin

And FINALLY… what I am reading now is With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin, my second from this author. Another inspirational romance, this one is set during World War II and features the alternating point of view from a man and a woman writing each other anonymous letters during the midst of the war. It tackles subjects of shyness, fear, and the effects of losing a parent. So far, so good!

That’s it for this Monday’s post, whew!! What are you reading? Which of these titles caught your eye? Happy reading!



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27 responses to “It’s Mailbox Monday! What are you reading?

  1. I'm getting ready to start With Every Letter, looking forward to it!I don't use CAPTCHA and don't have a problem with spam either.

  2. Yes, I so wish people would turn it off. I have pretty much stopped trying to comment due to so much recent frustration!I enjoyed With Every Letter, I hope you do too! I've got it for the LitFuse Blog tour coming up.

  3. I have the same problem with CAPTCA. Unending Devotion will be going on my TBR list. Have a great week.

  4. I read the Kingmaker's Daughter a few weeks ago.I agree with you about the Captcha. It doesn't work well on any browser. Here is mine

  5. I hope you like the new Gregory, I'll look forward to hearing what you think. CAPTCHA, Word Verification..whatever you want to call it is the yuckiest of the yuck! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have a fun little button on the top right of my blog that you should see! Have a great week of reading ๐Ÿ™‚The Relentless Reader

  6. The covers of your books are always so pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a wonderful reading week! Whatcha readin' this week @ the Brunette Librarian ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Again, at a post of books I have never heard of, maybe this whole group is a whole other genre than me?? I read only paranormal, huh, well if interested here is mine Itโ€™s Monday! What are You Reading Post

  8. Those are all new books to me. Happy reading.My favorite book this week was Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun by Victoria Laurie. Please come see what I'm reading now.

  9. Unending Devotion got added to my tbr list!Hereยดs mine

  10. Nice mailbox. Enjoy the 'new' GH books!!

  11. Oh, lovely books! I can't wait to read the new Philippa Gregory. I'm hoping to get to it soon. Happy reading!

  12. Your list of books (both new and those you've read/are reading) looks phenomenal. Georgette Heyer is so much fun, isn't she? ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy reading this week.

  13. Amen for getting rid of Captcha…I have never used it and blogger catches the 3-4 spam comments a month that I do get and I just delete them! Enjoy all your new lovelies! My Added to the Bookshelf post!โ™ฅ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  14. All new titles for me. I hate Captcha, just took me six times to leave a message on another blog. I like the WP approve feature. You have to approve a poster once and then they are clear to post.Have a great week!!

  15. Wonderful books in your mailbox. Have a great reading week!Here is my Monday post!!

  16. Hi – on the subject of 'what are you reading', I have just begun The Sheen on the Silk by Anne Perry. It's set in 13th century Constantinople and represents a new time period for Perry. Two chapters in and the book is already drawing me in.

  17. Beautiful covers! They all look so tempting. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  18. With Every Letter caught my eye, as did the Heyer books. Happy reading!

  19. The cover for Unending Devotion looks so pretty. I will have to check out your review. You make it sound like a wonderful read!

  20. These all look wonderful! I'm really excited about Gregory's latest. I think the War of the Roses series is her strongest. Yes, summer was a disappointment on the reading front. I was really hoping to read more than I did. I keep hoping that school (and all those practices) are going to be more conducive to reading. We shall see!

  21. Congratulations, Audra! :)I'm with you in loving Phillippa Gregory's books. Love her writing! And Elizabeth Chadwick is another favorite author of mine. I can't get enough of Historical Fiction at it's best.

  22. Wonderful books in your mailbox. I hope you enjoy all your reads this week!Check out my It's Monday! post ๐Ÿ™‚Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

  23. I love Sarah Sundin's books! I just got With Every Letter from the library and look forward to being able to sit down and read it. I am interested in reading that new Philippa Gregory series. I have mixed feelings about her Tudor books but since I don't know as much about these historical figures I might give them a try. The Kingmaker's Daughter certainly sounds good.

  24. Looks like you had some great reading this week.Girl Who Reads

  25. Uggh I know all about the review noose, I really have to exercise some will power so I can get back to reading what I want! I have The Kingmaker's Daughter, but not sure when I'll get to it and I love Elizabeth Chadwick's writing. With Every Letter sounds delightful, I love alternating narration and letter format so I'll be keeping an eye out for your review. Happy reading Marie ๐Ÿ™‚

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