The Summer Queen by Elizabeth Chadwick

Another amazing historical from my favorite medieval storyteller

The Summer Queen by Elizabeth Chadwick
Sphere, June 20, 2013
Hardcover 478 pages
Source: Bought from an Amazon seller after I scoured the internet for an hour looking for an available copy when it came out in the UK.. I read and devoured it immediately upon its arrival, but just lacked computer time to compose this review.
Burton Book Review Rating:  (Must you ask?) Fifty Stars, if I could

Eleanor of Aquitaine is a 12th century icon who has fascinated readers for 800 years. But the real Eleanor remains elusive.

This stunning novel introduces an Eleanor that all other writers have missed. Based on the most up-to-date research, it is the first novel to show Eleanor beginning her married life at 13. Barely out of childhood, this gives an entirely new slant to how Eleanor is treated bv those around her. She was often the victim and her first marriage was horribly abusive.

Overflowing with scandal, passion, triumph and tragedy, Eleanor’s legendary story begins when her beloved father dies in the summer of 1137, and she is made to marry the young prince Louis of France. A week after the marriage she becomes a queen and her life will change beyond recognition . . .

Once upon a time there lived an amazing woman who was destined to be ruler of Aquitaine. Her heart and soul was with Aquitaine and the heritage that she was born with. In a time where women were considered frail or used as chattel, Eleanor of Aquitaine rises up and becomes Queen of France, then dumps her husband and that title only to soon become Queen of England.

After many reads based on Eleanor’s life, one would think I’ve had enough. But then here comes Elizabeth Chadwick writing a novel that she has wanted to write for a very long time. Her previous historicals on William Marshal were based during Eleanor’s time, and Eleanor would beckon to the author to write Eleanor’s story.

And that she did. With typical Chadwick flair, we have a start to what will prove to be an amazing trilogy on Eleanor, except our main protagonist is now called Alienor. My first inclination was to shy from this twist on the anglicized name of Eleanor, but Chadwick’s skillful writing set me at ease with this proper spelling of Eleanor right away. Among other things, I loved how she portrayed Louis; my feelings about him changed as his character changed.. and she made him more interesting than he probably was! What a sack of uselessness he seemed to be.

Alienor’s story is familiar to most of us medieval fiction lovers, but as always Chadwick tells it beautifully and with deft writing skill. She does not inundate us with endless facts and names, she simply draws us into Alienor’s world from the time she was a child to the time she finally meets Henry, her second husband. It is a poignant tale as we ache for Alienor during her loveless marriage to the weak and overly pious King of France even though we know eventually she will break free. But Chadwick gives us the full story, the full measure of Alienor so that we live and breathe in Alienor’s world unlike any other novel on the woman.

We root for Alienor as she faces obstacle after obstacle (and goes on a crusade!) and we still manage to learn a bit more of the story behind the well-known history of the era. Her sister Petronella shows us a new side of a scandalous story, and Alienor herself proves she is not all ice as one would believe. The supporting characters all add to the nuances of the drama, and there were some characters who get to stay around longer than others as the author saw fit. Fans of both Chadwick and the love and hate story between Eleanor and Henry will love this telling, but will be sad when the novel is over because there is still so much left to be told. I am impatiently waiting for the author to write the next installment, The Winter Crown, which we hope will be available by the fall of 2014.

As I stated in my final reading status update on Goodreads, “Chadwick writes so well I am annoyed I’ve finished the book.” There is no need for me to repeat how awesome and vivid of a story that Elizabeth Chadwick writes, she is the ultimate contemporary expert of medieval historical fiction in my humble opinion. Yet I will never get tired of complimenting Elizabeth Chadwick’s writing as long as she promises to write more, more, more, more, and more!!! Come on, 2014!

A problem that I’ll have to debate during my wait for her next novel is trying to decide which is my favorite Chadwick novel of the eight that I’ve read. I’ve read three Chadwick’s this year but 2011’s Lady of the English still sticks in my mind. Perhaps I’ll have to have a Chadwick Re-Read Marathon to see which is the cream that rises to the top. Of those that I’ve read, Shadows and Strongholds, Lady of the English, and now The Summer Queen will be battling for that position. Which novel was your favorite Chadwick thus far?



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12 responses to “The Summer Queen by Elizabeth Chadwick

  1. Like you I've read a couple of books where Eleanor was the main character, also quite a few where she played a leading role. Very very intriguing woman. I think I could easily read another book about her.

  2. Just a note to say thank you so much Marie! I'm bowled over by your review. I wanted to write a fresh view of 'Alienor' that stayed true to history but still had surprises in store, and I hope that's what readers will find.

  3. Ahhhhh, I can't wait to read this book! I've checked online sources but decided I'll have to be patient and wait until it is published in the US next year. I still have more Chadwick books to read in the meantime. My favorite so far was the double book story of William Marshal, The Greatest Knight and The Scarlet Lion. Although her much earlier book, The Marsh King's Daughter, was terrific!

  4. Wantwantwant!!! You got me hooked on Chadwick, you know!

  5. I'm very much hoping to review this one as I adore her books

  6. Lady of the English is my favorite so far but I'm really wanting to read this one! Thank you for the great review. 🙂

  7. I have about 60 pages left in finishing up The Summer Queen and I don't want it to end. Trying to drag it out as long as I can. I think my favorite EC book so far is Lords of the White Castle although this is a close second.

  8. Great review, Marie, as always! This will be a must-read for me. Even though I've only read one book by Chadwick (The Marsh King's Daughter), that book has stayed with me and I know it's in large part due to Chadwick's artful writing.

  9. Sounds like a good read. I do like the cover of this book

  10. I LOVED this book! It is only my second Elizabeth Chadwick book, Lady of the English being my first. I am looking forward to going on holidays next month and starting the William Marshall series.

  11. I've yet to read a Chadwick novel. I know!

  12. Now this is one Chadwick book I will definitely read. Her HF is more on the historical side and I appreciate that.thanks Marie :)Hope you are well too!

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